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Apples-SweeTango-main-imageSweeTango® is the exclusive brand for a premium quality apple fruit. SweeTango® Minneiska Apples are produced from a new Minneiska variety developed by the University of Minnesota. This variety has great parentage as a cross between two stars of the University of Minnesota apple breeding program: the Honeycrisp Apple and the Zestar!® Apple (Minnewashta variety). SweeTango® fruit offers another superior apple-eating experience—a satisfying crunch and a juicy blast of sweet-tart flavor.

To maintain high quality fruit standards that can be affected by climate, growing sites and production practices, SweeTango® Minneiska Apples were introduced as a "managed variety". Minnesota growers must be licensed to grow SweeTango® trees. Growers outside of Minnesota must be licensed members of the growers cooperative, Next Big Thing (NBT). If you are interested in growing this exclusive brand, please review additional information on our SweeTango® Licensing page and at Next Big Thing.

If you are simply looking for a crunchy, juicy, sweet-tart apple to truly enjoy, look for the SweeTango® brand at quality grocers and orchards.

SnowSweet® (Wildung cultivar), Zestar!® (Minnewashta cultivar) and SweeTango® (Minneiska cultivar) are registered trademarks of the University of Minnesota.